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The Secret Story of The Time Machine

Hey, folks, here's something different that you might like.

The Secret Story of the Time Machine is the original novel by H. G. Wells, rewritten by me to serve as an erotic fantasy with a Steampunk edge.
In my version of the story, the Time Traveller tells his circle of sexually-adventurous friends that he is building a time machine. They laugh at his claim, naturally, but when they return for their next weekly gathering, he appears before them ragged and disheveled, and tells them of his visit to the far future, where he has enjoyed the sexual favors of the dainty little future girl Weena in the idyllic future world of the Eloi, and has faced the terrifying Morlocks in their lightless caverns beneath the sunny Eloi realm.

He tells them also of a strange tryst with the brutal, beautiful Morlock Queen. In an era still further into the future, he samples the charms of another woman even stranger than Eloi or Morlock.

The Secret Story of the Time Machine is the first in a series of books in which I'll be retelling classic works of 19th Century science fiction and fantasy. Watch for future installments such as The Secret Story: From the Earth to the Moon, The Secret Story of the War of the Worlds and many more. Some of these books will be only slightly altered, while others will be very extensively rewritten, depending on how I decide to re-imagine them.

Anyway, I think this could be fun.  Take a look and tell me what you think!

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