Arcadia Berger


Arcadia Berger Asks Herself Nosy Questions

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Nosy questions like

Who are your favorite authors?
Neil Gaiman, Ann Leckie, Pamela Dean, Jo Walton, Gail Simone, Brian K. Vaughan, Paul Pope, Alexander McCall Smith, Hope Larson, Charlaine Harris, Lindsey Davis -- er, how long am I allowed to go on...?

Nosy questions like

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
An awareness that yesterday was a pretty good day, and today might be as well. The knowledge that the monster named Depression has been leaving me at peace much of the time lately, as I take my pills and (try to) carry on a healthy lifestyle.
It was a lot harder when I was carrying Depression on my back every day. These days, the bed gravity is only a little bit stronger than regular gravity, instead of five times as strong.

And questions you might actually find interesting, like

What are you working on next?
I'm going back to my "Taming a Tomboy" series to write a new story. Not a continuation of Chrissy Malone's metamorphosis, but the story of another tomboy getting in touch with her inner girly-girl. Chrissy may turn up as a supporting character, I haven't decided.