Arcadia Berger


What Next for "Taming a Tomboy"?

Kim, aka bottomgrl [ ], has written a very kind review of the first “Taming a Tomboy” series:
Taming a Tomboy, Part Three: Mama's Girl on Nov. 24, 2015 

This whole series is really sweet. I've been trying to figure out why I respond to these light humiliation and female "feminization" (or whatever this sexual interest is called) stories. There's a theme of shame and repression that really works for me, but as told here it doesn't go over the top with pink or "bimbo" fetishism, or aggressive sexual degradation, which lose me. I seem to remember hints that this story could go a little further. I'd love to see another volume. 
At present, I have in mind to write a story about a different tomboy undergoing a slightly more humiliating and significantly less consensual "feminization".  I don’t see any easy way to continue the "downfall" of Chrissy Malone, and would almost certainly start over with a new tomboy, possibly a self-identified Lesbian who would not necessarily surrender her identity as a Lesbian although she would definitely become less butch.
What do you think, folks?  What sort of tomboy-taming would you like to see next?
P.S.: I recently heard from the woman who is the real-life inspiration for "Chrissy".  Seems that the little tomboy has sufficiently tamed herself that she’s now engaged to be married.  My sincerest congratulations to her.