Arcadia Berger


Academy for Difficult Girls: Alix

The first novel set in the Academy for Difficult Girls, a "girl's school" where women (always over 21) are forced through an "educational" curriculum to suit the desires of their sponsors.

Students wear a traditional schoolgirl uniform, sleep in dormitory rooms they must share with fellow students, eat in the Academy's cafeteria and attend classes like Fellatio 101 and Erotic Literature 201.  Failure to perform in class will result in spankings and worse punishments.

The Academy is housed in a large building at the center of extensive grounds, surrounded by a high wall. It is situated in a remote location from which escape would be difficult. Students are told that there has never been a successful escape.

Come read The Academy for Difficult Girls, Student File #1: Alix. I think you will enjoy it.

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