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Hi, folks! This is the blog where I will be providing links to my fiction, for sale at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and anywhere else they'll let me post.

I write stories set at the Academy for Difficult Girls, a "girls' school", complete with plaid skirts and Mary Jane shoes, which is strictly for grown women over 21, where women wind up if someone decides to "sponsor" them for a term. There, they are forced to study whatever their sponsor desires: housework, sex techniques, age regression (if the sponsor thinks he'd like his "student" to remain a schoolgirl once she has gone home), forced bisexuality, even petgirl training.

I write stories set in the business world under the New Order, a future in which men have crushed feminism and reinstated an unmasked, unapologetic Patriarchy. A world in which female doctors are forced to work as nurses, female pilots as stewardesses, and female fighter pilots are lucky if they are only employed as waitresses at the Officers' Club, and not as plain old enlisted men's whores.

I write other stories, too, about even crazier topics, under titles like "Taming a Tomboy" and "His Dog Dick", but we'll get to those later.

For now, just look for me online wherever erotic e-books are available.

You can also look for me on Yahoo and Tumblr, under the names Arcadia Berger, Dr. Psycho and Anton Psychopoulos (eh, I encompass multitudes):

 I hope to see you at Yahoo, at Tumblr, in comments here and anywhere else you run into me. You can e-mail me at

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