Arcadia Berger


The Secret Story of "From the Earth to the Moon"

Jules Verne's prophetic story of an expedition to the Moon, retold by Arcadia Berger as an erotic Steampunk romp. In the re-imagined version, the members of the Baltimore Gun Club enjoy an active sex life as they plan and carry out the casting of a gigantic cannon to launch an aluminum shell to hit the Moon.

As if this audacious scheme were not enough, Felix Nadar, a randy French adventurer proposes to ride inside the shell! Nadar believes he can survive the launch and will be able to live on the Moon, and he will not hear any suggestions to the contrary.

Impey Barbicane, President of the Gun Club and maker of the mightiest cannons, has a long-standing (and sexually-charged) rivalry with Dr. Catherine Nicholls, maker of the finest armor plating. Nicholls says Barbicane's Moon shot plan is madness, and her campaign against Barbicane culminates in her challenging him to a duel! Nadar offers them a different solution to their rivalry: that they both ride with him in the shell to the Moon.

The cannon is cast, the shell is readied, the three Victorian cosmonauts are launched into space. The story is continued in "Round the Moon", the second half of this book, and so are the erotic adventures of Barbicane, Nicholls and Nadar.

Arcadia Berger takes the hints of sexuality in Verne's original story and makes them enjoyably explicit. If you like erotic Steampunk fiction, read here a genuine classic of Victorian science fiction, turned into a sexual show in which scientists, adventurers, soldiers and whores divert themselves even as they carry out an awe-inspiring project.

This is a trip to the Moon with a bang.

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