Arcadia Berger


Academy for Difficult Girls Student File #13: Maggie

The 6th file is "Student File #13: Maggie" because it was a collaboration with the real-life Maggie. It's a special sort of story and I think you'll enjoy it. It still has the things that Academy readers enjoy: a grown woman is tricked into coming to the Academy (by a most unusual route this time), and is forced to live as a schoolgirl, to be trained to be the kind of "girl" her sponsor wants.
Maggie knew she was breaking all the rules by meeting a man she had met online, not in a public place but in a hotel room, and without any of her friends knowing what she was doing. The risks she was taking excited her. She was bored with her life and eager for something new.
When she found herself half an hour later, bound and gagged and closed up in a box, she wasn't where she had expected to be, but she definitely found it to be exciting. When she realized she had been loaded into a vehicle and driven out of the city, she thought maybe it was a little TOO exciting, but there wasn't much she could do about it. When she emerged from the box to be welcomed to the Academy for Difficult Girls, she didn't know how to feel, although being made to dress in a schoolgirl uniform and shown to the room she was to share with three other women who had also become Academy "girls" was definitely something new, all right.
At the Academy for Difficult Girls, women have no choice but to live as schoolgirls while they take courses like Cooking to Please a Man and Fellatio 101 to remake their minds to please whoever it was "sponsored" them as students. They receive cosmetic surgery (which they also have no choice about), to remake their bodies to please their sponsors as well. Now, it's Maggie's turn to get an Academy education, and to be transformed in some especially shocking ways.

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