Arcadia Berger


New Series: "Little Red, Werewolf Hunter"

Sarah Criswell gets out of bed at 3:00 AM to watch her favorite TV show, "Little Red: Werewolf Hunter", but sometimes she gets a little sleepy, and afterwards she's not sure if she really saw an episode or if she dreamed it.
"Little Red" is a series about an order of werewolf hunters, and one of their field agents in particular.  She hunts werewolves, and aspires to be promoted to the title of Woodsman, like her sort-of boyfriend -- but she also has a sort-of boyfriend who is a werewolf himself.  It's complicated.
One night, Sarah sees an episode that is not just naughty and suggestive, but blatantly erotic, depicting wolf-on-woman bestiality right there on the screen.  Surely she fell asleep and dreamed it, right?
In the episode "Founder Effect", Theresa, a werewolf, searches for her lover, Louise, who was captured by the Fish and Wildlife Service and dumped in a remote location with a male wolf -- a real wolf.  As long as Louise wears her radio locator collar, she will be unable to revert to human form.
Theresa seeks Louise out, and at last finds her, and is horrified to discover that her beloved has actually yielded to the lowly wolf's courtship.
Even more horrifying are the things Theresa must witness and take part in before Louise can return home.
[WARNING: This book contains scenes of bestiality between women and both werewolves and true wolves.  If you don't like zoophilia, this book is not for you.]

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