Arcadia Berger


Masked Passions #1

Here is something new I'm trying: a "comic book without pictures" starring famous superhero characters who have fallen into the public domain.

This is the first in the Masked Passions series, in which classic superhero characters appear in erotic text stories. The private lives of Black Terror, the Phantom Lady, Iron Jaw and other famous names appear, free of censorship. They are famous, and they are all in the public domain. No longer the property of huge entertainment corporations, their masked passions can be revealed at last.

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  1. Some of you may have had trouble finding Masked Passions #1, because Smashwords had some concerns about copyright. Fortunately, that issue seems to have been resolved:


    "The Masked Passions series features well-known characters who have fallen
    into the public domain, such as Sherlock Holmes and the Black Terror.
    Smashwords has questioned the copyright status of one character, the Phantom Lady.
    "The original Phantom Lady, alias Sandra Knight and created by Jerry Iger, is
    widely recognized as being in the public domain:
    "In addition, the character I have used in Masked Passions #1, is
    identified as Cassandra Knight, the Fox Phantom Lady (a play on her being
    derived from the Phantom Lady published by the Fox Features Syndicate --
    note that her belt buckle has been replaced with a modified image of the Fox
    Features emblem). She is Eurasian, a kitsune hengeyokai or Japanese
    were-fox, hence she regards herself as a 'fox phantom'.
    "So, she is a character I have created, based on the original Fox Features
    version of Phantom Lady, and not in any sense the copyrighted character
    owned by DC Comics. She is neither Sandra Knight, Jennifer Knight, Stormy
    Knight nor Delilah Tyler (all of whom have been DC Comics characters called
    'Phantom Lady').
    "I am aware that DC Comics has registered a trademark on the name 'Phantom
    Lady'. If that concerns you, I can modify the cover illustration for my book
    to exclude the name 'Fox Phantom Lady' -- would that satisfy your concerns?

    "-- Arcadia Berger"

    Smashwords replied:

    "Good morning, Arcadia.

    "I'll approve your book, but if we receive complaints about the book from trademark holders, it will have to be edited or removed.

    "Aaron F.
    "Smashwords Service Team