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Academy for Difficult Girls Student File #3: Callie Is Now Ready To Post

Just one problem: I don't have a cover image, and don't at the moment have credits to pay for one.

If anyone has the rights to a "naughty schoolgirl" image they'd be willing to let me use, or access to a suitable public-domain image, please let me know.

Otherwise, Academy for Difficult Girls Student File #3: Callie will be available for download very soon, instead of immediately.

Either way, watch for it, it'll be up soon, and thank you for your patience.


The Secret Story of the Diamond Lens

SteamPunk fiction invokes the style and sensibilities of Victorian science fiction, and the Secret Stories transform the text of public-domain Victorian fiction into SteamPunk-flavored erotica. In the "Secret Stories" series, Arcadia Berger takes the public-domain texts of classic works of 19th Century fiction and rewrites them as erotic entertainments for a 21st Century audience.

In "The Secret Story of the Diamond Lens", Linley, a man obsessed with perfecting the microcope, kills to possess the giant diamond which he needs to carve a lens for a microscope of unheard-of power. Through his diamond lens, he sees a microscopic woman, and falls in love with her. He names her "Animula", and is entranced by her grace and her transparent beauty as she swims through the endless seas of a drop of water.

He loses interest in the women around him, and sinks even deeper into madness as he gazes upon her, even knowing he can never touch her, nor even speak to her -- that he can watch her frolic among the microscopic forests every day, but is unable to make her aware of his existence.

And then, Animula seems to fall ill -- can Linley save her, or must he watch her die? And can he save his own mind from his descent into madness?

And if you're interested in reading the uncontaminated original version:


Taming a Tomboy Part 2: She's All Girl

A month ago, pre-med student Chris Malone had been happy with her life as a nineteen-year-old tomboy. She kept her hair short, never wore skirts, never wore makeup, never wore anything pink, and absolutely never wore the "little pink panties" she was teased about as a child. Being obliged by chance one day to wear a pair of pink undies seems to have turned her life upside down, leading her to explore her feminine side in more ways than one.

Her mother would certainly approve of her occasional use of makeup, and her purchase of a few more girlish garments. She wouldn't approve of Chris' sexual exploits, but Mom doesn't need to know about that part of the "New Chris".

Now a new challenge has arrived in the form of Mark, a very opinionated, very conservative student whom the old Chris would have shredded in daily conversations. Now, Mark is intrigued by the quiet girl who lives down the hall, and when she offers him comfort after his candidate loses the election, he gets a deep kind of solace -- and Chris gets something, too.